Company Introduction:

Ancon Services was founded in 1968. Throughout our 53 years in business, we have expanded our services to cover virtually all of our clients industrial and environmental needs. Our leadership in the industry has been cultivated through investing in our people, the latest technology and most importantly our commitment to safety. Over the years we have amassed an impressive base of over 700 employees, some of which have been with us for over 50 years. These talented team members have assisted us in becoming the industry leaders in:
At Ancon we are continuously improving our processes, technologies and procedures to support our customers with a seamless experience, managing on-going maintenance accounts and single call out projects. Our communication plans designate a single point of contact for each account to maintain consistent miles stone documentation, reporting measures and conform our process to each of our customers administrative controls.

Our Mission

To deliver superior Service to our customers by rigorously working to improve our operational processes and tools, continuously grow our people’s talent and skill sets and ensure every project is carried out safely.

Our Vision

A family business with passionate employees who are united by shared values and guided by a desire to make Ancon the US Market Leader in Industrial, Utility and Environmental Services

Our Values:

Safety, Family, Accountability, Loyalty, Hard Work, Pride

Company History

Our company was founded in 1968 by Conrad Hardin. In the beginning the company was largely focused around the Port of Los Angeles and Long Beach performing Waste Management and Emergency Spill Response services, which is still at the core of our business today. As we started to clean tanks in the local terminals surrounding the port, opportunity steered us into the local refineries in the LA Basin. The introduction into the refinery market ultimately expanded our foot print by broadening our service lines, allowing Ancon to be relevant in manufacturing markets, geothermal facilities, nuclear plants and much more.

Our very first office located in Wilmington, CA. is still with the company, now serving as our Marine Divisions lay down yard. Since then we have expanded to thirteen locations throughout the United States. Some of that expansion is attributed to our conservative organic growth and some of it through the acquisition of companies like Adler Industrial Services and Coastal Industrial Services.

Today Ancon is still a family owned business, operated by its 3rd generation of family members. We are understandably proud for what we and our team have accomplished not only surviving throughout the years, but thriving.

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