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Environmental, Health and Safety Compliance

Ancon is committed to achieving excellence within its corporate compliance programs without compromise. The safety and health of our personnel as well as the protection of the environment is paramount in every aspect of our operations. The Ancon senior leadership team and the architecture of our overall organization possess a standardized behavior in supporting responsible practices across the entire company. Consistent use of best management practices is critical for our organization’s achievement of the long term vision and goals. The safety and wellness of our people will never be jeopardized by trading it for revenue. Our organization’s growth, development, succession and long term vision is significantly dependent upon our key principles, core standards, strong business ethics and quantitative/qualitative measurement of key performance indicators.


The Ancon team prides itself on the many accomplishments and recognitions it has received for safety excellence and achievements during the previous 46 years of conducting business. Such successes are attributable to the company’s level of corporate responsibility and dedication in providing the necessary resources and finances to implement and manage a comprehensive compliance program. Ancon’s safety program is comprised of a broad host of administrative controls and pro-active initiatives that collectively bolsters our employee’s spirit by enabling their involvement so they can own a piece of that value and service added to our organization.


While partnering with Ancon, it becomes very apparent where the established safety culture clearly dictates and motivates the employee behaviors towards critical decision making. Ancon has adopted behavior based safety concepts, and greatly values its employee’s individual participation and input, which has served as a main driver of our continuous improvement and overall successes while collectively achieving safety excellence. Our workforce consistently demonstrates a heightened level of awareness for safety as well as other compliance initiatives while working on company and customer properties. Stop work authority is granted to all employees where an emphasis is placed on terminating an operation if it cannot be completed safely. These employee behaviors and actions stem from a culmination of robust programs, but primarily from ownership’s commitment towards the training, education and development of its workforce. Our organization will continue to devote its support and time in its safety program as to reap the benefits of continued improvements and to ensure its people return home safely to their families daily. Finally, this results in our ability to preserve our workforce, the company and our respective clientele garnered by our efforts and commitment in always achieving safety excellence. Ancon’s on going goal is to maintain its reputation as a trusted and reliable source in safety.

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