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Tank Cleaning

Our tank cleaning services have been proven to be second to none leading the industry and meeting regulatory requirements in some of the toughest regions. We have developed closed loop tank cleaning processes that have become a staple on the western rim of the United States. We have invested and developed some of the most cutting edge technology for this service line. Ancon has become a standard service provider for almost all major refiners and pipelines for their tank cleaning needs.

  • Sludge Injection Gland, (SIG)
  • Ancon 180-8, 12, 14
  • Ancon 360-1, 12, 14
  • Hydraulic Cannons with CCTV
  • Customized Circulations and Pumping Solutions


From maintenance contracts to turnarounds hydroblasting has been one of the foundational services for this company. In an effort to eliminate human exposure, our entire company is equipped with automated hydroblasting technologies. To complement these technologies, extensive class room, CBT and hands on training is a requirement for all employees operating this equipment at Ancon. Our owned and operated hydroblast pumps range from 10,000PSI – 40,000PSI. In addition to cleaning towers, vessels, exchangers, fin fans, pumps and misc. equipment, Ancon also offers specialty hydrocutting services.

Dry / Wet Vacuum Trucks & Roll Offs

Our fleet includes a variety of transportation vehicles including 20BBL, 70BBL and 120BBL liquid vacuum trucks, 6,000CFM air movers (dry vacuum trucks), single and double roll off trucks, flat bed trailers, hazardous waste box vans, combo jetter trucks and hydro excavation units. Our fleet works in conjunction with our larger projects or can be dispatched individually to service any size project.

Waste Processing/Waste Minimization

Ancon maintains a multitude of waste processing equipment and an experienced staff to operate these units. We own and operate 2 and 3 phase centrifuges, 1.2 – 4.3 cubic yard filter presses and belt presses. These units are permitted in all of the regions that we have locations for the separation of almost any waste material.


  • Centrifuge
  • Filter Press
  • Belt Press
  • Filter Bin De-watering

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