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Jet Rodding

Ancon employs state of the art jet rodder trucks to clear sewer lines, pipelines and process lines of any residual material deposited during normal operation. Ancon utilizes combination trucks that use vacuum and high pressure water simultaneously to remove any material back flushed during the jetting operation. This methodology has been successful in restoring piping to original flow capabilities as well as eliminating H2S build up in manholes and sewer lines.

CCTV Inspection

Ancon’s truck mounted system utilizes Pan and Tilt cameras with a 360 degree digital viewing capability. Capabilities include the ability to televise lines from 4’’ up to 108’’ storm and sewer lines, as well as using a “lateral launcher” for 3’’ to 8’’ lines. All inspection information is capable of being documented onto multiple media formats such as CD ROM, DVD or External hard drive using user friendly PACP software. All Ancon technicians are trained and certified through NASSCO. When used in conjunction with Jet Rodding, customers are able to identify deficiencies and trouble spots in existing systems

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